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  Testimonio de poder jose alvarez parte 2

- Creado por Cristian
- San Pedro de Macorís -
- El 01-Feb-2011 a las 01:01

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Creado por Cristian
El 01-Feb-2011
Tipo salud
Testimonio de poder jose alvarez parte 1
Creado por Cristian
El 20-May-2013
Choosing a Life Without Drugs
Jim kept his substance abuse going in the face of death until a night on the frigid streets sobered him up. ...
Creado por Cristian
El 22-Oct-2011
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Esther Lohrke. Hope at the End of The Line
Jumping off of a bridge into speeding traffic was the only way Esther Lohrke thought she could escape her abusive marriage....
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El 14-Sep-2011
Ingrid Ramirez. Revelacion del infierno 1
Testimonio sies horas muerta y ahora vivi. A Dios sea la gloria....
Creado por Cristian
El 19-Oct-2011
Khaleed. Changing a Muslims Mind
The Lord told worship leader Eddie James to take a muslim on his tour with the promise that Khaleed would be saved....
Creado por Cristian
El 17-Feb-2012
Laura Williams: A High She Never Had Before
She was addicted to drugs and strung out on despair. An encounter with God changed her life. ...
Creado por Cristian
El 20-Feb-2011
Dionny Baez Satanismo en los VIDEOJUEGOS Pt. 10
Creado por Cristian
El 01-Nov-2011
Surviving on Five Dollars an Hour
Single with five kids, a low-paying job, and no money, Shiketa was on the verge of losing her home. See the decision she made that turned her life around. It's a decision that can work for you too. ...







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