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  Testimonio de poder jose alvarez parte 2

- Creado por Cristian
- San Pedro de Macorís -
- El 01-Feb-2011 a las 01:01

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Creado por Cristian
El 01-Feb-2011
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Testimonio de poder jose alvarez parte 1
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El 13-Feb-2011
Creado por Cristian
El 20-Nov-2011
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God s Healing Touch
His doctor said he needed to continue cancer treatment or he'd die. Charles believed God wanted to do a miracle....
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El 29-Ene-2011
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Dionny Baez. Un milagro sin fe! IMPRESIONANTE
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TB Joshua - HEALING of Crohn s DISEASE
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El 03-Mar-2011
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Testimonio del Poder de Dios
Creado por Cristian
El 21-May-2013
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Attracting Raises, Promotions and Success
Vinitha was not a typical college student. She had a great full-time job lined up a half year prior to graduation and has received annual raises based on merits. What’s her strategy? Watch and apply it to your life too. ...
Creado por Cristian
El 26-Oct-2013
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Healed By The Grace Of God
Bill and Toni were both medical professionals. When Toni was diagnosed with cancer, they needed more than just textbook knowledge to get them through....
Creado por Cristian
El 07-Abr-2014
God Gives A 3AM Wake-Up Call
Stephen’s musical interests led him into a dark life of drug addiction, but a 3am encounter with God turned things around....
Creado por Cristian
El 27-Oct-2011
Bernie Miller: On The Air with God
Bernie was a radio personality and a fixture of the Mo-Town scene of the 70's and 80's, but he was missing peace in his life....







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