The most powerful christian testimonies
  Ex-Homosexual - Francisco Javier Serrano, Spanish -1/3

- Created by Cristian
- San Pedro de Macorís -
- On Sep-16-2011

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Created by Cristian
Conversion testimony
Gabe Suarez. Saved by the Voice of God
Betrayed and out of control, Gabe Suarez used his police training to seek revenge on his enemies. ...
Created by Cristian
Conversion testimony
A Drug Dealer Comes to God
Jemal Farrell sold heroin on the streets of Baltimore. His lust for money put his family in harm's way – that is, until a TV preacher set him straight....
Created by Cristian
Financial testimony
On the Same Financial Page as Your Spouse?
Disagreements about family finances and tithing almost eroded this marriage to the point of separation. ...
Created by Cristian
Conversion testimony
TB Joshua - DELIVERANCE From Mental Disorder
A los ojos de cualquiera, Eduardo Campos tenía todo lo que necesitaba, pero su realidad era muy distinta. "Me sentía bien frustrado, vamos a decirlo con esa palabra, porque yo no tenía una comunicación con mi misma familia". El joven tenía moti...
Created by Cristian
Health testimony
Ethan Payne. "Angels Catched Me"
Two-year-old Ethan fell from a second story window, and doctors feared he would have brain damage or never walk again. But his parents believed God for a miracle....
Created by Cristian
Conversion testimony
Michelle Richards: 'Castle in the Sky'
After being molested at age 6, Michelle Richards attempted suicide. The trauma left her emotionally shattered for years....



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