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.700 Club Interactive: Addicted to Porn - May 16, 2012 -

- Created by Cristian
- On Jan-30-2013
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Created by Cristian
On Nov-21-2011
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This was a high point in my life. Being used by YHVH/God to spread the Good News on world wide television! HalleluYah! I also wanted to be able to help Christians to understand that Wiccans & Pagans are mostly truly seeking YHVH's Face, and to be pat...
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Teresa Sutherland's innocent fascination with horror movies and scary novels led to a driving compulsion that had her enslaved to the very fears that haunted her. "I remember going to the drive-in with my folks. It was my sister and I. And we drove ...
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Dwayne’s addiction to pornography consumed him and almost destroyed his marriage until he was diagnosed with cancer and came face to face with God’s love, the value of his wife, his children, and ultimately his life....
Years of abuse led to his life as an outlaw. An unlikely event stirred in him the conscience he didn't know he had....
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